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the end of summer by sunao-films on Flickr.


Irene Kim by Ryan Yoon
匿名 whispered : how do you feel about the teacher's strike? you're starting school this monday right?

As of last year (near the end of the school yr), I didn’t mind the strike at all since it would cancel my exams (which it did). The only thing that pissed me off was that I couldn’t get any feedback on my work and the report cards were kinda worthless. I’m not very well-informed on the topic so I can’t give an educated opinion on my views on the BCTF vs. the government, and I’m not really on anyone’s side as opposed to most students who are rooting for the teachers. What I’ve been told (may not be accurate) was that the government was trying to end it completely by not forcing the teachers to get back to work like they did last year (ik there’s a technical term for this but lol i can’t), so in turn parents start getting antsy and teachers don’t make money aka wreak havoc (i mean, we alrdy missed 2-3 weeks of skl). Anyway, if they had made the teachers get back to work then they’d just start striking again later in the year which is pointless. So if missing 2 weeks of school means they won’t pull this shit for another few years then I don’t really mind, since I’m graduating this year. Honestly, I’m wanting to be a teacher but I sure as hell won’t be staying in BC to pursue it cause the union is kinda annoying. As the average shallow student, all I care about is getting back to school and getting into uni w/o a hitch. I find it interesting to hear opinions as well, but all I truly care about is getting out of here before they pull another tantrum. This whole answer probably sounds really biased, which I will admit is slightly true, since most of the things I’ve been dealing with in school (last yr) was kind of all thanks to the BCTF. All in all, both of them are irritating as hell but the BCTF has just been slightly worse in my eyes.


ウホッ、いい桃…… 桃の画像が置いてあるだけのサイト「donbra.co」がじわじわくる


[writes paper] this doesnt make any sense [prints it] [doesn’t proofread] [hands it in for a grade]